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Members Needed to Reach Our Goal!

Welcome to
BAF's Black Business & Nonprofit Directory

Welcome to - the Blacklist - BAF's Black Business & Nonprofit Directory. We call it the Blacklist to help change the connotation of the word "black" from negative into positive. Currently a "Blacklist" is a list of people that you should not do business with. Our Blacklist is the opposite - it is Black businesses and nonprofits that you should do business with! 

This directory is provided to you and maintained by the Black Achievement Fund's Small Business Department. If you would like your business listed for free simply click the link below and enter your business information. However, we would like you to support our efforts by becoming an Official BAF Business Member. The BAF is a nonprofit 501 (c)3 corporation, all contributions are 100% tax deductible.

BAF Business & Nonprofit Members receive:

  • Premium ad placement and video advertisements on the Black List Directory and Community Forum

  • Free ads on all BAF social media platforms.

  • 30%- 50% of your first yearly membership contribution goes to fund our paid college and high school internship program!

  • Official endorsement from BAF as a BAF Business Member on the Black List & BAF website.

  • Discounts and access to a network of web developers, videographers, photographers, CPAs, attorneys and other business professionals.

  • A BAF Founding Member T-shirt and Certificate that demonstrates your commitment to Black economic independence!

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